What is ClueChase?

ClueChase is an outdoor escape room/treasure hunt experience in which teams of 2-6 people embark on a mission across the city of Fremantle. During which you must complete a series of challenging puzzles and mysteries spread across the many historical sights and landmarks within Fremantle. To complete all the task before time runs out you must use the provided iPad and action pack to solve anything that gets thrown your way. But you must not forget; TIME IS RUNNING OUT



In Operation Mindfall you
and your team of high level
operatives are tasked with a
top secret mission; to foil a
sinister plot by Spider Tech to
poison and control people’s
minds. You only have an hour
and a half to complete your
assignment or all will be lost!


The Magic Portals have been
opened! You and your team
have to race against time to
close the remaining portals
before the monsters from
the other side over run our
world. Its estimated that you
only have an hour and a half
before its too late! (Recommend 4 players max)


per adult


Per child

Ages: 8-15

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