WHy cluechase?

Here at Clue Chase we understand the value of out of classroom experiences. Our chases are designed for participants to get the maximum exposure to the great port city of Fremantle and view all of the most popular attractions and sights. The students will also be asked to solve interactive puzzles as a team that take in parts of the local area. All of the students will have a great time, learn to work in a team, discover Fremantle and also get some exercise.

Where do our routes go to?

All of our routes are designed to minimise the impact of busy roads and also see the sights of Fremantle,such as:

  • The Esplanade park

  • The Fishing Boat Harbour

  • The Round House

  • The Town Hall

  • The Prison

  • The Markets

Points of interest will be included in the route.


How does it operate?

We will set the groups off from our south terrace location with an iPad and an “Action Pack” that contains secret equipment that will be needed to solve the Chase. They will use the map guidance system on the iPad to get to the places they need to be to solve the
mission. The iPad will only let the players open the puzzles once they are in the correct location. Items in the “Action pack” will also be needed to help them solve problems and puzzles the Chase will take them 1.5 hours. Once complete or the time has run out, the players will return to our South Terrace HQ to be debriefed and have a complimentary cool drink



We can cater for between 2 and 100 people for your team event. 


We conduct games between 9.00am and 4.00pm, seven days a week, but we are happy to provide options outside these times, just call us or email us to discuss. You need to allow 2 hours to play the game and have a drink afterwards. The game itself takes 1.5 hours.


The cost is $25 a person for groups over 5 people. We will take a 50% deposit on booking and you will organise to pay the balance either just before the day or on the day. We accept most payment methods: Bank Transfer, EFTPOS, Major Credit cards, PayPal and Cash.

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